Industry Equipment Standards When Utilizing Secondhand Or Pre-Owned Goods


Rest assured that should your budget leave you with no other choice at this time, you will still receive equipment that will be able to run at peak performance in accordance with your precisely measured business requirements. The optimum utilization of secondhand or pre-owned thermal or evaporation equipment is made possible through the implementation of industry required standards.

At this time, this may yet still be your preoccupation. You ask this question often enough, and who can blame you. In accordance with the work that you do, where everything must be precise and exact, you are still concerned as to whether your existing equipment will hold up. For some of you, this question has already been answered and the results let you down. The budget factotum simply cannot be helped.

You are under pressure to keep within the limits of your budget, and at the same time, you are also under pressure to maintain the industry standards that you swore to your clientele you would uphold. It is of mutual benefit and it’s incredibly important to the public out there that you do so. Now, as to the question of utilizing secondhand or pre-owned equipment, further reassurance can now be given.

evaporation equipment

All secondhand vacuum metalizing and evaporation equipment has been fully refurbished, tested out and certified. They now operate as almost new systems, and strict (original) factory specifications have been enforced to ensure peak performances for all those who need to utilize the equipment. Even so, both new and used equipment still has a tendency to break down or wear out due to over-extended use (something that really cannot be helped). To reciprocate, servicing teams are on the ball to provide you with regular maintenance, servicing and repair work, when required.